The subject “Sustainability” targeted by the sister group Leitz, Boehlerit and Bilz

Long-term thinking and sustainable action as a corporate strategy

The global WeCare initiative combines the Group's worldwide activities, some of which have existed for decades, in the areas of society, social affairs and culture, as well as the protection of species, nature and the environment. The WeCare concept places particular emphasis on combining the strengths and commitment of all participating companies and employees in order to achieve the best possible result in terms of sustainability. This means that smaller or local campaigns in particular receive optimum support, as the regional roots are close to the heart of this fourth and fifth generation global family business.


In order to make the momentum of WeCare and the team spirit tangible, the first WeCare campaign weeks are held at all locations of the group of companies worldwide. Through the cooperation of the employees and the financial support of the individual local companies, a positive sign of social responsibility is thus set.

From April 15th to 30th, 2023, the second WeCare campaign weeks of the three corporate groups will take place around the world.


The success story of the WeCare campaign weeks

The focus of the WeCare projects:

Society, social affairs and culture

■    Donations of clothing and goods (for example for charitable institutions or local people in need)
■    Support for social institutions (orphanages, homes for the elderly and people in need)
■    Participation in blood donation campaigns on site

Protection of species, nature and the environment

■    Landscape and water care (for example, garbage collection campaigns)
■    Forestry and agricultural maintenance (reforestation of local forests and the creation of wild flower areas)
■    Construction of insect hotels, nesting facilities and settlement of bee colonies


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Sister companies  

WeCare campaigns are carried out across the group in all sister companies. If you would like to find out more about the activities of the companies Boehlerit and Bilz, please visit their websites and social media channels.