Semi-finished products and blanks
for precision tool manufacturers

Manufacturers of precision tools for wood, plastics or metal machining place very exacting demands in terms of metallurgical features and machinability. Two essential criteria are minimum dimensions and dimensional accuracy of semi-finished products and blanks. Boehlerit develops hard materials that meet the highest demands of our customers in machining and application and make economic processing possible. In many cases, cost-efficient production is only possible with perfect blanks. This is why cooperation with Boehlerit starts as early as in the project stage.

  • Blanks for precision tools
  • Insert blanks
  • Roll milling blanks
  • Carbide business
  • Rods with coolant bore, as sintered / ground
  • Rods without coolant bore, as sintered / ground
  • Rods without coolant bore, ground, fixed length
  • Stick blades

XS10 - The new grade for diamond coating

XS10 – The new 6 % cobalt grade from the carbide and tool specialist Boehlerit.
This is ideal for finishing and skiving operations as well as for general applications
on non-ferrous materials and can be used universally for all diamond coatings.

Areas of application: 

- Graphite machining - Mould making graphite electrodes
- Electronics industry - Machining of printed circuit boards 
- Machining of composite materials 
- Aerospace industry

Available from stock in Ø 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 mm, sintered rough and h6 grounded (from 06/2021)!

Tested and approved by:
CemeCon, Oerlikon Balzers and Weber Technologies