Saving time, reducing costs, securing competitive edge

Modern high-performance tools ensure reliable processes and cost-efficient production. While they account for a mere 3 - 6 % of direct production costs, they still have a significant impact on direct costs. Tools tailored to individual production processes help to increase our customers’ value generation.

Consulting and planning  

  • Project engineering

  • Process engineering

  • Technical support for operations

We offer customised solutions tailored to your application – from conception and design to start-up

Production scheduling and preparation

  • Initial installation

  • Assembly and start-up

  • Approval of machines and tools



Research and Development

Boehlerit’s Research and Development department employs the most advanced analytical methods and cooperates closely with university and research establishments to meet the continuously changing demands (increase of productivity, improved materials, new fields of application) that carbide as a cutting and wear protection material has to fulfil. The result of its dedicated development work are new, high-quality, application-oriented products made by Boehlerit.